Renegade Folk

Jimi Cullen is an Irish Folk Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Producer and Activist. His music was once described as "what you might get if Bob Dylan had a baby with John Prine and fostered it out to Neil Young and Woody Guthrie" and, to be fair, it's pretty hard to argue with that upon listening to some of his songs.

Jimi's music is indeed steeped in the same folk traditions and songwriting sensibilities of the above four. From humorous songs about love and small minded assholes a la Prine, to snarling protest songs in the vein of Guthrie and Dylan, straight through to some good old fashioned rock and straight up country that tips a definite hat to The Godfather of Grunge himself, Neil Young. 

Yes, Jimi is definitely from the old school style of singer-songwriters. Pure, honest songs, from the heart, without the bullshit, take it or leave it.

That's not to say though that Jimi doesn't have an original sound of his own, in fact, quite the opposite is true. Jimi's music has a unique, refreshing and often uplifting sound which blends elements as varied as folk, rock, punk, country, blues, reggae and spoken word.

To encompass all this, Jimi has coined the term Renegade Folk, which he feels perfectly describes his inimitable musical style, firebrand attitude and thought provoking lyrical content and is also aptly reflective of his use of music as a form of activism and protest.


Of course, these words are meaningless without something of substance to back them up, so why not experience Jimi's music for yourself by taking a trip through his impressive back catalogue of Albums, EPs, Singles & Videos which can be found at the links below.

Video - https://www.youtube.com/jimicullen

Audio - https://jimicullenmusic.bandcamp.com

Other places to find Jimi

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